The challenge

Geovest is responsible for waste collection and disposal in Bologna hinterland. With the introduction of the punctual tariff, it was necessary to communicate to citizens that behaviors, whether good or not, would affect the cost of the service they would pay. Punctual tariff completes a process of service reorganization that has allowed for an increase in separate collection well beyond the targets set by the EU and the Emilia-Romagna region. First and foremost, the request was to create an incisive claim capable of engaging and raising awareness about the importance and convenience of separate waste collection, a pivotal element underlying the integrated waste cycle.

Our work

The claim “More color less gray” recalls the shades of the various containers used for separate collection. The obvious value antithesis between the colors associated with separate waste collection (bright, vivid, eye-catching) and the dull gray of undifferentiated waste thus shines through both the claim and the color choice.
Thanks to the on-time fee and 70-80% recycling collection rates, Geovest has made it possible to ensure a lighter bill for virtuous citizens. Our work focused on conveying and reinforcing this message through the creation of informational folders, social media posts, video tutorials, an illustrated fairy tale for children to accompany the key message of the campaign, and the implementation of the new system.
To date Geovest, which recently celebrated 20 years in business, has achieved an average value over its user base of 83.2 percent separate collection, distinguishing itself as one of the most virtuous utilities in this regard in the Emilia-Romagna region.
As Redesign, we like to think that we have accompanied this reality on its path of growth toward today’s values of excellence, and we continue the fruitful collaboration with Geovest, trusting to expand its perimeter in the near future.

Other works