The challenge

Siram Veolia came to us and our partner Refe Milano with the aim of bringing to life a Sustainability Report that could combine creativity and innovation while highlighting their accounting processes together with their greatest areas of focus.

Our work

Coupled with Refe’s consulting work, Redesign developed an improved, more innovative, dynamic and responsive type of OpenReport®.
Indeed, the user experience is developed horizontally, making it easier and more intuitive to scroll through the pages rather than using a conventional menu design. Moreover, there is a secondary menu that leads to those pages listing data, achievements and concrete actions taken by the company towards the territory and the community (environmental, commercial, economic-financial, human resources and social related).
The core of the navigation is located on the Reason for Being page. In this section, an interactive compass provides an in-depth look at the shared progress approach that affects all Veolia’s employees and produces value for all stakeholders, subsequently giving one-click access to the insights located on the performance pages.
The Governance section, developed in a multilayered mode, shows users the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in the Openreport® project, starting from executive positions up to the Sustainability Ambassadors and Specialists, individuals who on a daily basis bring knowledge and value that are crucial in the integration of the sustainability theme within the company’s strategies.
Finally, the Art and Sustainability page emphasizes the profound connection between Siram Veolia’s activities and the artistic dimension, to show that the story of sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact can be told other than through numbers and data. Siram Veolia’s debut into the Metaverse features five artworks, one per performance, produced by the students of the Brera Academy.

Other works