The challenge

The overall objective of the CreAree project, promoted by the Unipol CRUs, is to build a path leading to the formalization of a WORKING METHOD useful to local governments and territorial communities, in defining and implementing existing or latent projects on the territories of the inland areas, in line with the achievement of the sustainable development goals of the 20230 Agenda.

Our work

We worked closely with the Unipol CRUs to create a website capable of presenting and narrating this initiative and whose structure mirrored the project idea.
This is implemented through actions, both local and cross-cutting, closely interconnected with each other, carried out by working groups consisting of professionals indicated by the project member organizations, each presented through a video interview.
Each pilot project has a dedicated tab in which the sustainability goals are highlighted alongside the description. News and updates, both from the thematic working groups and from the pilot projects, are entered and constantly feed the various reference sections so as to have a continuous update on the work done and progress.
In addition to building the site, we helped the CRUs in arranging the meetings and seminars held via live streaming, assisting them in choosing the most suitable tools and defining organizational arrangements in order to create high-interest events that have a real and significant impact.

Other works