The challenge

The Unitary Commissioner for Landfill Restoration, appointed in 2017 by the cabinet, has expressed to us the need to undertake a social and sustainability reporting pathway that gives an account of the progress of the process of decontamination of irregular disposal sites.
Indeed, Italy aims to rapidly close the infringement procedure opened by the European Court of Justice for 81 irregular areas not yet cleaned up, which weighs on the country’s budget several hundred thousand euros each year.

Our work

The Report, built together with our partner Refe, is structured on the three dimensions of sustainability: social, environmental and economic/financial.
Around these three main strands evolves the entire reporting process, which touches on all individual intervention segments and provides valuable insight for citizens and stakeholders on the topic of sustainability and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
In view of the presentation of the Single Commissioner’s Budget to the European Parliament, we have also prepared the English version of the document.
We were particularly proud to make an active contribution to this environmental reporting effort, given the importance of this issue for Italy as well as the progress our country is making in this regard, thanks to the work of the Single Commissioner and the Carabinieri’s Forest, Environmental and Agri-food Units Command.

Other works