The challenge

Philip Morris Italia, cornerstone in the production and distribution of tobacco and nicotine products, indicated its intention to embark on social and sustainability communication and reporting. Given the risk of being accused of greenwashing, the company needed a graphic layout that focused on the importance of sustainability and environmental protection through the various stages of the production chain, with the goal of achieving in the near future the commercialization of only combustion-free tools.

Our work

Together with our partner Refe, we have structured the work around the concept of “vision”: Philip Morris Italia is strongly projected towards stopping the sale of cigarettes,in favor of products that do not require combustion and that, therefore, safeguard the environment and the ecosystem.
The graphical representation of the eye accompanies and enhances the theme of future vision, while also dwelling on current data related to the company’s performance connected to the various benchmark SDGs.
Particular attention is also drawn to the production chain, a pivotal point of Philip Morris Italia’s activity, which puts in place concrete actions to constantly monitor it and institutional level agreements to protect and safeguard the production chain itself.

Other works